Terms and Conditions

    • General terms and conditions (T&Cs) set out those arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, and specifications which occur with downloading our show format.
    • Party Anthems Radio Show Syndication take no responsibility for your station music licenses agreements Inc. any copyright issues, make sure your station has adequate licensing to cover this type of FREE Radio Syndication!
    • Stations must be approved before downloading/broadcasting any of our shows Registered now! contact us now
    • Pirating/Reproducing media or using our branding for other events is strictly forbidden!
    • Stations MUST carry a full Music License/s subject to their own country’s Music Laws!
    • Your info is safe with us General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by downloading you are agreeing to our terms
    • New Show Updated Every Sunday check back in the afternoon for the next episode ready for downloading.
    • Should listeners contact the show via our web site? We do not pass on or keep any information or store it!
    • We may terminate or suspend your account at any time without notice if any part of our terms is not met Inc. Inadequate Music Licensing etc.
    • Download format, in general, is MP3, if you wish for another format I.e. M4A, AAC and WAV, etc please contact us now
    • During downloading we capture the IP address and Country this is purely for security reasons. Any data stored has a shelf life of one week only!
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