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Party Anthem’s syndication is now available to any licensed DAB, FM, Internet, and Satellite Station across the planet completely free of charge our contribution to the Radio community wanting more of a Saturday Night or anytime Party Atmosphere… Pimping Your Party Night Ride!

  • May 2022 – We no longer produce a pre-record show downloads (Live Only)
    Live Show every Saturday from 10 pm until midnight! Live stream 320K AAC either Audio processed or without now available. Drop us a line via the contact page for more info.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously presenting the show on the fly without continuously ‘Y-Bombing’ that frankly just insults people’s intelligence.

Party Anthems plays the fun stuff with that truly deserved name of ‘Dance Floor Fillers or Party Bangers’ those rare unusual mixes and not that repetitive commercial FM pants thing going on, which is played… way too often these days!

You can hear any of the past shows on Mix Cloud before joining Party Anthems on the ‘Max Channel’ (Contact us now) and gain free access to our weekly show updates.

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Party Anthems Pimping Your Party Night Ride!