DeeJay at the sense of the Party ’84’

My Deejay career started way back in 1984, and yes, the old T-Shirt phase comes out when you reminisce about the gigs you once played and the outrageous things that happen. Well, it’s always the drink that talks unlike the legs being unable to walk in a straight line.

Punter’s banter not always makes any sense. Some worth talking about, others nothing to sing home about, but some times we refer back to them with a smile.

And by that I mean, some online DeeJee forums ask for others to share their experiences on how they got started. Of late, I’ve become less willing to share any info as there is always someone out there where you have a bottomless pit at the end of your garden, and there’s still four foot deeper.

So if you want some wisdom, listen to whoever is supplying it and skip the bits you don’t wont to reuse.

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